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Iliadis: My coach was fired because of revenge

One of the first decisions by newly elected board of Greek Judo Federation was the removal of Nikos Iliadis from the position of the National coach. This brought immediate reaction of Ilias Iliadis who written statement referred to the removal of the adoptive father and coach, but also the withdrawal of the Greek athletes to participate in scheduled tournaments abroad.


Gold medalist of the Athens Games and bronze from London 2012 spoke with harsh language of the decision by the board of Evangelos Soufleros speaking about revenge move.


Detailed facts stated in his written statement: "I feel the need to turn and inform the world of judo through the media, for everything that is happening lately in my federation. An injustice blatant against coaches and athletes, who are the protagonists of the spectacular the sport's evolution over the years in my country, Greece. Primarily referring to my national coach and father, Nikos Iliadis, who was dismissed from Greek Judo Federation by the new interim administration of the federation. The coach of Olympic, World and European medals, the coach "responsible" for the playing of our national anthem at the top events from 2000 until today, was dismissed by the management of the federation. Obviously revenge. At the same time, athletes were banned from tournaments and it was canceled their planned tournaments, such as participation at the Grand Slam Tokyo, which was necessary for the points in world ranking but also for understanding the new regulations of sport.


I feel offended by the behavior of the new administration, to the detriment of the national coach and the athletes. Especially the behavior of people with whom I have worked in the past and who know well how important work is done in the sport over the years. I can not understand their reasons. Some of them left the sport years ago (for their own reasons) and all most of the time were invisible. There were sweating us not toiled with us, they did the impossible-possible so that we can bring discrimination in our country.


Instead, Nikos Iliadis and his associates were there. With us. Next to us. They are hurt when we are hurt, they gave us courage when we were losing, but tears us from pride once climbed on the podium to receive a medal and hear our national anthem. And believe me, it was not a few such occasions. Overall, more than 140 medals in Olympic Games, World and European Championship, Grand Slam, Grand Prix have been won by Greek athletes under the work of Nikos Iliadis and his associates. What then is the reason for his removal? Obviously he is not liked by those few who have found an opportunity to temporarily climb to the board of the federation.


Gentlemen, members of the administration. The damage that will do to the sport with such decisions is huge. Judo needed workers and unity. With spurious revanchism, only evil will be brought in sport. Especially at a time when the World and the European Federation of "drinking water" in the name of the Greek judo. It is no coincidence that Greece, in 2017, will organize three international competitions included in the official program of the European federation, and not long ago, hosted and Congress.


All clubs that want to see judo at the top, should oppose against such logic. The sport can not prosper with mass expulsions. From coaches, referees up workers federation. It is unfair but above all unhuman ".


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